What is a Quantitative Research Method


As the name suggests, a quantitative research method is gathering information in concrete and objective measurements. This method his based on numerical, mathematical, or statistical analysis of the data.It is a better idea to hire an essay typer free to submit a pitch-perfect paper by saving yourself a lot of time.

This data is collected with the help of surveys and questionnaires. Generally, quantitative research lays emphasis on gathering numerical data to explain a certain phenomenon. The quantitative research is done for the subjects and field of science where concrete numbers help in decision making. 

This research determines the relationship between one independent variable and one dependent variable. The designs of quantitative research are either experimental or descriptive. 

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Characteristics of Quantitative Research

The characteristics of quantitative research that differentiates it with other research methods are as follows:

  1. Structured researched instruments are used to gather data in quantitative research
  2. The results of this research are based on the sample taken out from a population
  3. To make it reliable and credible, quantitative research can be repeated or replicated.
  4. The researchers have a clear research question for which objective answers are found. 
  5. Before the data collection for the research, its aspects are designed. 
  6. All the data is in the form of numbers and figures organized in charts and tables.
  7. Quantitative research is conducted to generalize a concept, investigate relationships, and predict possible outcomes and results. 
  8. The numerical data for this research type is gathered through questionnaires and computer software. 

There are certain things that should be kept in mind when you are presenting the results of your quantitative research about a topic:

  1. Explaining the gathered data: Explain the data that you have collected and its statistical treatment to take into consideration the problem investigated. Do not interpret the results in this part. 
  2. Reporting the events: Report the unanticipated events happened if any while collecting the data. If the actual analysis is different from the one you planned, state the reasons. 
  3. Techniques: explains the techniques used to “clean” or organize the data
  4. Choose a procedure: Choose a procedure that requires minimal sufficient statistics, the rationale for its usage, and the reference. 
  5. Presents assumptions: Give assumptions of each procedure you made to ensure that the data collection was not violated. 
  6. Tables: use charts and tables to provide accurate values. 
  7. Guide your readers: Whenever a figure or a chart is presented, make sure to add a description for the readers about what are they looking for in the chart. 

Research Design of a Quantitative Study 

The design of quantitative research is divided into five sections:


An introduction of quantitative research consists of the identification of the main problem, a literature review of the problem, and the theoretical framework within which the researcher worked. 


This section states how the objectives and aims of your study can be achieved. This section is constructed by studying the population and its sample and analyzing the gathered data. 


The section deals with the outcomes of the collected data. After the analysis of the data, results are drawn by the researcher. All of the findings are presented objectively in a precise format. 


After the findings, a discussion on the result is done. This discussion is comprehensive, logical, and analytical. The discussion is done by interpreting the results, describing the comparison groups, variables, trends, and discussing the implications and limitations. 


At the end comes the conclusion. The conclusion includes a summary of all the key findings by the researcher, recommendations, and what the future researches should hold. 

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